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Episode Ranks

There are many reasons why I love Enterprise. And sure at the top of that list is probably the fact that I was lucky enough to appear in an episode. But despite some idiotic fan criticism about the ship being too advanced and canon being violated, I truly love the fact that from a production standpoint it achieved the impossible. 


Production designer Herman Zimmerman and crew created a ship that very closely aligned with the original series that aired 35 years prior. If you just think about it for two seconds, Kirk's Enterprise looks and feel way more advanced than Archer's. (There are a few nitwits out there that can't see this, but that's their loss.) But i digress. 


So what’s the number one Enterprise episode? Maybe In a Mirror, Darkly and its visit to the Mirror Universe? Or an alternate reality gem like Twilight or E2? Maybe an episode from one of the epic Season 4 trilogies featuring the Augments or Vulcans or Romulan/Andorians?


Check out the final rankings below.

Enterprise Top 20
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