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Star Trek: Voyager Episode Ranks


Episode Ranks

Star Trek: Voyager Episode Ranks

While I may have Star Trek: Voyager ranked as my No. 5 favorite Star Trek series, that doesn't mean I don't love it. (By the way, there is no wrong answer to the question: "What is your favorite Star Trek series?")


For me, Voyager is the Trek show with the biggest pure science fiction scope and ideas. From Blink of an Eye to Living Witness to Counterpoint, Voyager managed to build classic Star Trek morality plays around intense sci-fi elements. No concept was too big (see Scientific Method and Deadlock). and they were all faced by a captain who had to make the critical decisions without the guidance of Starfleet.


With so many great episodes to choose from, this list was not easy to narrow down, but oddly my Number One choice was never in doubt. Scroll down to find out below.

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