From Jedi to Blade Runner, from Darkness to literal First Contact, I’ve had a number of unique experiences at film premieres over the years. Whether it be technical difficulties or celebrity encounters or a focus-group advance screening of the most iconic sci-fi film of all-time, I wouldn’t change any of it, no matter how rowdy the crowd gets.


We've all gone through great lengths at one time or another to feed our inner geek. In this quest to "collect them all," it would have behooved me to prepare better or just care less.

I’m not proud of it. I never am. But sometimes even the deepest, most pure Star Trek geek can feel a little self-conscious about their obsession out in the real world....

A chance meeting with a Star Trek fan at a work event led me to spring a little surprise on him as I pretended to not know what he was talking about.


For the most part, it has become pretty well known in my work circles that I’m a pretty intense Star Trek fan. There are certainly times when I’ve hidden it to try and maintain a certain degree of pro...

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