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Lower Decks 

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Lower Decks (Spacedock)

Briliant in concept, design and execution, Star Trek: Lower Decks is arguably the smartest Star Trek series ever produced. Yep. You read that right. 

Each episode is so jampacked with heart, humor, story, emotion and references, it's almost impossible to believe. The smarts come from expertly weaving it all together in 24-minute packages, that if they were any longer, would almost be too much too handle!


Add to that the expert animation, production design and voice acting from a stellar cast, and Star Trek: Lower Decks is a staggering success. TrekRanks breaks it all down below with our overall ranks of the first and second seasons, complete with five words and a hashtag summaries. (As always, don't forget, our lists below are completely searchable and sortable.)

Check out the current rankings below.

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