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The Animated

Series Ranks


As a starting point to finally including The Animated Series here on TrekRanks, it must be said that our opinion on the series has softened. But only slightly.

We still stand by every word in our post "The Case Against the Animated Series." However, one very cool thing we learned about the series in compiling these ranks is that the first two minutes of almost every episode is actually pretty good. Why? Because almost every episode opens with a strong establishing shot of the Enterprise and a captain's log that could almost be pulled from any episode of TOS. (And we've always said that the beautiful Enterprise art is a strength of The Animated Series.)


Each of those log entry sets up a storyline with potential, but invariably, the vast majority of stories unravel into a childish mess. An unforgivable not fun mess. Not sure how 22-minute episodes can be so interminably long, but here we are.

So, without further ado, here are our TAS ranks, which, for the only time on TrekRanks, are listed from first to worst (since that just seems more appropriate for this series).

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