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The Next Generation Episode Ranks

Based on my many interactions with fans over the years, I believe Star Trek: The Next Generation is the Star Trek of choice for most Trekkies. And that is completely understandable. It built on the found of the original series in quantity and scope in a way that no one ever thought possible.


Full disclosure: for a brief moment in time I was one of those knucklehead fans in the late 80's who said, "Star Trek without Kirk and Spock? Never! I'm not watching that." And I didn't. For about two months. Then I caught a couple of episodes at an old girlfriends house and I realized what a mistake I'd made. TNG is my second favorite series to this day, and Picard is my all-time No. 1 Star Trek character.


So what’s number one on my TNG list? Is it an obvious pick like the Best of Both Worlds or The Inner Light? Or a deeper cut like Lower Decks or Redemption? Everything's in play, so scroll down and find out below.

TNG Top 20
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