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Every Single Episode

of Star Trek Listed

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While we haven't ranked every episode in one massive overall list yet (someday!), we have compiled a resource for you to see every episode of Star Trek listed in one place. The current episode count is 933. (And we are using the word "episode" as shorthand. This count obviously includes the 13 films and Star Trek's original pilot, "The Cage," as well.)

The compilation below is fully sortable and searchable. You can search by series (three-letter abbreviation) or by season (season number followed by x with the three-letter abbreviation) or by air date order or by production order, etc., etc. (Note: for some browsers you need to add a space before or after your search item to get it to function.)

Just play around in the search box to see how it works. And note, we use the following three-letter abbreviations for each series:

  • TOS – The Original Series

  • TAS – The Animated Series

  • TNG – The Next Generation

  • DS9 – Deep Space Nine

  • VGR – Voyager

  • ENT – Enterprise

  • DSC – Discovery

  • STX – Short Treks

  • LDS – Lower Decks

  • PIC – Picard

  • PRO– Prodigy

  • SNW – Strange New Worlds

  • MOV – All 13 films

  • KLV – Kelvin Timeline

And if you're wondering how this definitive breakdown works, every Short Trek counts as one episode. Every movie counts as one episode. And every two-part episode that originally aired as one two-hour episode counts as one episode (so every pilot and episodes like "Dark Frontier" and "The Way of the Warrior" – even though those episodes have two production numbers).

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