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Star Trek Picard - Ent D


Episode Ranks

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Who would have every thought there would ever be a Star Trek series called Star Trek: Picard? This seventh live-action Trek series is a dream come true, as Jean-Luc Picard returns in unexpected and gratifying ways.

The shows inaugural 10-episode season plays like chapters in a book. The first three episodes are best viewed as one block, as are the last two, and the new characters shine throughout. Similarly, the second season marks the first time Trek has truly told one contained, 10-part time travel extravaganza. It's a load of fun with some truly successful highwater marks. And then there is season three, a landmark reunion for TNG that feels like an impossible dream come to life.

Probably the most unique series in Star Trek history, Picard is clearly not for everyone, but here at TrekRanks, we unapologetically love it! Below we break it all down with our combined ranks of the entire series, complete with five words and a hashtag summaries. (As always, don't forget, our lists below are completely searchable and sortable.)

Check out the current rankings below.

Picard Top 5
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